Fine Japanese Calligraphy and Sumi-e Art


    After many years of hard work, endless training and perseverance, Yoshiko earns her license of "High Master" in 1995, Yoshiko has also received a 'Certificate of Achievement' from the Governor of Japan for her outstanding performance and achievement.


     In the warm South Carolina summer of 1998, Yoshiko comes to the United States and brings with her, an immense talent and a fresh, new desire for painting and teaching. Yoshiko has now developed a special bond and a new love for this ancient art of Sumi Painting... and, it shows in the grace and delicate style in which she expresses her thoughts and feelings onto delicate and fragile, hand made washi papers.


     The following Spring, Yoshiko is discovered by and invited to Clemson University and then on to Furman University, to demonstrate her art and the delicate strokes of her brush, then teach this that she does so well. Yoshiko, and her work, become an instant success.


     Yoshiko knows that her heart... and her brush... now belong in South Carolina and decides to make the move permanent... opening up her home to private studies and workshops.   


Artist in Residence


     As much as Yoshiko loves Art... and as much as she loves to paint... Yoshiko loves the special satisfaction and interaction gained from teaching.. "there is just no satisfaction greater than watching the faces of young children as they are learning art".


     Yoshiko truly does love teaching and currently participates with many schools and institutions throughout South Carolina and has been a member of the SC Art Commission "Artist in Residence" program for 17 years.


      Yoshiko's curriculum includes various elements of Art and Culture, Kimono and Tea Ceremony, Sumi painting and Calligraphy, Origami, Paper Marbling and paper making.


     Yoshiko also offers "Teacher Work Shop" and works closely with local PTA's.  In addition, private lessons and workshops can also be scheduled.


What is Sumi-e?


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